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Retail Support For BYOD Impacting Enterprise Technology Adoption

BYOD has raised the question in corporate IT “How Do I Support This?!”  End users are doing this themselves. In the article in Computer Weekly: Gartner BYOD will encourage self support and this is already happening. Users are educating IT because … Continue reading

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Some Of The Reason For BYOD

Sometimes you have to look back to look forward. This presentation by Steve Jobs is  insightful especially in light of the computer being a tool to productivity.

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BYOD’ers: IT Rogues Challenging The Status Quo To Compete!

With BYOD’ers, the reality that goes unnoticed is these rogues are investing in the companies ability to remain competitive! People are looking at alternatives to the way they work and the tools they use daily. In the early years of … Continue reading

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Compromising Positions: End User Privacy In The Workplace

Protecting corporate assets but also an individuals privacy when using BYOD devices has become a criteria for evaluating end user management tools in the enterprise.  Privacy is something that end users are becoming more conscience of in their working lives.  … Continue reading

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Secure And Manage The User Not The Device At The Endpoint.

The most pressing challenge in the enterprise is the securing of endpoints within the enterprise. The user and the device have been treated as the same entity which is the reason most IT strategies fail especially with BYOD! As discussed … Continue reading

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Application Importance

Continuing the ideas in my posting Apps + BYOD = Productivity not the OS the news of the changes at Microsoft this week are interesting. Lack of Windows 8 apps may have helped cause Steven Sinofsky’s downfall by Preston Gralla … Continue reading

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The Enterprise Supply Chain and Disaster Recovery

Great article in the Economist on Hurricane Sandy’s effect on the enterprise supply chain. Making It Through The Storm.

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