Retail Support For BYOD Impacting Enterprise Technology Adoption

BYOD has raised the question in corporate IT “How Do I Support This?!”  End users are doing this themselves. In the article in Computer Weekly: Gartner BYOD will encourage self support and this is already happening. Users are educating IT because they have already found the answer with the associated endorphin rush. Post Black Friday end users are proving to corporate IT that Shopping Rules!

Using a device not just for corporate but personal use, end users will educate themselves. They are taking ownership of their technology needs. End users are standardizing the tools and applications in their lives.  When IT owns the device this corporate standardization extends outside the business and users are reacting in their own way by shopping!  End users want to use what they know in their personal lives in their corporate lives. Knowledge does not stop from 9 to 5. There is more to what is happening with BYOD than the hardware!

People like to shop and Apple knows this. No. 1 Apple outshines Tiffany in annual retail ranking as this article describes. The Apple retail experience is not just about selling hardware but building brand loyalty. Each Apple store is also an education, training, repair, and supply  depot for both consumers and small medium business. With the ability to purchase a device, migrate their applications and content, and with the ability to schedule on site training the user has taken over control.  Is this approach working? Apple’s profits exceed the entire PC industry! and many IT vendors are following the trend into retail. When a consumer computing experience with Apple out ranks the consumer experience of Tiffany’s, IT can not compete nor should it!

The retail ecosystem is developing to the point where retail can now offer support services below the cost of traditional corporate IT.  For a budget conscience and resource constrained IT team this is an opportunity to reallocate funds to areas of focus such as cloud computing and mobility. These are the services end users are looking for corporate IT to enable a consumer driven world.

Managing the corporate user experience allows IT more flexibility then trying to lock down the device and its peripherals.  This is one of the reasons why Orchard Parc takes a user instead of a device focused approach with OPUS.  Enabling IT administrators to provide content such as applications, documents etc associated with that user while meeting the needs of corporate security and compliance.  The role of IT has now evolved to that of a content facilitator beyond that of a hardware provider!

Apple is just one example of many vendors who are getting into the bricks and mortar experience.  What is old is new again! Best Buy, Amazon, Microsoft and others have seen what Apple has done, the influence  on the consumer and ultimately the enterprise!  This is where IT needs to help guide end users by establishing retail support guidelines.


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