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160 Mac Minis, One Rack,

Originally posted on Hackaday:
[Steve] needed an alternative to the Xserve, since Apple stopped making it. His solution was to stick 160 Mac Minis into a rack. That’s 640 real cores, or 1280 if you count HyperThreading. First, Steve had…

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Extending Enterprise Storage Services To Make Them BYOD Friendly

BYOD is not going away soon and the adoption rate is accelerating. Virtualization is now a standard technology in the data centre.  The question comes up is how do you extend enterprise storage services to non IT devices? Content creation … Continue reading

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Security Should Be An Enabler To End User Productivity Not A Barrier..

Security has been a “in your face technology”  as a result of the traditional view that a locked down environment is a safe environment. The issue with a locked down environment is it inhibits creativity and productivity which is a … Continue reading

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No BYOD Button! CapEx/OPEx and ROI Calculators Causing Decision Paralysis In The Enterprise

CapEx/OPEx and ROI is front and center for any solution involving computing in todays corporate infrastructure. Almost every vendor has a calculator of some sort whether it is for VDI, storage, servers networking etc. to help customers specifically IT build a … Continue reading

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Business Tired Of Being Painted With The Same Technology Brush!

The corporate standard for computing is now becoming a business versus an IT driven standard but someone forgot to tell IT!  For its 2013 predictions, IDC anticipates by 2016 80% of IT investments will involve business executives.  The argument for … Continue reading

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