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Microsoft Azure storage ends the week with a bang — and not in a good way

Originally posted on Gigaom:
That’s life, as Frank Sinatra once sang. Microsoft(s msft) Azure Storage was named the world’s best public cloud storage service on Tuesday, then crashes and burns on Friday. Here are a few of the posts to…

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So NBC.com got hacked. So what?

Always enjoy reading stuff like this and figuring out how something works. It makes technology fun!

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StackMob Courts The Enterprise With Launch Of New Marketplace, Added Partnerships

Definitely something I need to investigate more.

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Android IT Apps For The DataCenter

Great list of IT apps for Android http://bit.ly/WAkzPm. What others can you think of or recommend?

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Security Should Be An Enabler To End User Productivity Not A Barrier..

Security has been a “in your face technology”  as a result of the traditional view that a locked down environment is a safe environment. The issue with a locked down environment is it inhibits creativity and productivity which is a … Continue reading

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BYOD: The House IT Didn’t Build

In the world of End User Computing (EUC) it is the exceptions not the norms that cause the most disruption in the enterprise. The tools in the enterprise are predicated on the fact that by managing the device you manage … Continue reading

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