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Education and Business Disconnect With BYOD for Those With Learning Disabilities

As millennials start to enter the workforce, businesses need to understand those with Learning Disabilities need the tools appropriate to their needs to be productive.  Many adults that have learning disabilities are undiagnosed. BYOD is an assistive technology for many … Continue reading

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For sale from Pivotal Initiative: Cloud Foundry

Originally posted on Gigaom:
The Pivotal Initiative is now selling software and support subscriptions for the Cloud Foundry Platform as a Service (PaaS) and is opening up governance of that effort to bring outside voices into the process. The addition of “external…

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An IBM System 360

Originally posted on Matt on Not-WordPress, mostly photos:
Amazing to see one of these again. Matt on Not-WordPress, mostly photos View original post

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The secret to creating a global, virtual workplace that’s still productive

This is an interesting article as it highlights what needs to be put in place to ensure productivity in a virtual workplace.

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Hacking Sand Hill: How the cloud will help security startups lure VCs

Originally posted on Gigaom:
The computer security industry is far from an easy place to build a successful startup. Security has traditionally been controlled by a small group of established firms that maintain a vice-like grip on the major IT…

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The Art of the Status Update

Originally posted on Information Maven:
photo by What I did, what I’m doing, and where I need help Delivering a status update is a tricky thing. It’s really easy to overwhelm people with too much information, to leave things…

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