BYOD’ers: IT Rogues Challenging The Status Quo To Compete!

With BYOD’ers, the reality that goes unnoticed is these rogues are investing in the companies ability to remain competitive! People are looking at alternatives to the way they work and the tools they use daily. In the early years of corporate computing, end users were kicking and screaming when they faced a screen and keyboard. Now that they are bringing their own with their lunchboxes!

Technology investors are doing their work in ways that did not exist 2-3 years ago. An actively engaged end user is a productive one.The paradigm change is that IT has been traditionally the corporate sponsor and standards bearer. BYOD’ers are responding to the value proposition of technology that IT has promoted for the last 30+ years!

The person who knows the most about their profession or trade however is the practitioner. Whether it is an accountant, marketer, business owner, brick layer or plumber they know what tools work and what doesn’t. It is not just about the tools but their application to the task. Technology permeates everything that happens in today’s life. End users know it is in their best interest and this is why they are advocating change.

Corporate policies for technology have not evolved. Most are stale and restrictive. It is like telling people I don’t like what you are wearing. If it is appropriate for the workplace, you are comfortable and productive who cares whether the colour is red, black, blue or green. Thinking outside of the box is an encouraged business trait but with technology BYOD’ers  are considered IT rogues. Corporate guidelines should empower the user of technology to be productive within industry and corporate standards while IT ensures security and adherence.

History has proven technology can be a competitive differentiation. Putting in barriers to productivity helps the competition not the employees. End users are now actively participating and engaging in the adoption of technology! Does your corporate policy encourage this with the ability for IT to promote this adoption with the tools in a way that protects corporate interests? Look beyond asking whether BYOD is right for your organization  and decide what is needed to embrace it as a corporate strategy.


About donjduncan

Application/Technology Sales Engineer: BYOD,Cloud,Virtualization,Application Transformation,Mobility,Process,and Automation. Currently looking for new opportunities. Linkedin: Twitter: donjduncan
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