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Currently looking for new opportunities and would appreciate assistance on roles where my skills and background would be a fit in the areas of: BYOD, Cloud, Virtualization, DataCenter, Mobility, Automation.


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BYOD Onboarding Is the New Business “Trigger” For Initiating Productivity

On-boarding and off-boarding are still a manual process in many organizations and is one of the greatest barriers to productivity for many BYOD users and business. Automating business processes using BYOD as a new business “trigger” or event, employers will be able to see improvements in productivity while reducing its exposure with industry compliance.

  1. On-boarding is the act of integrating a new employee within the corporation.
  2. Off-boarding is the process of removing an individual from an organization.

These two business processes and everything in between need to be examined on how a user not a device can integrate into an organization efficiently; reducing the time to productivity.

While many view on-boarding and off-boarding as an IT  process it crosses multiple business units from HR, Finance, IT, facilities, etc. The process of integrating the user impacts the organization as a whole when it comes to the use of data whether it is HIPAA , SOX etc..  What BYOD highlights is the fact that many business units are silos within the same organization. While virtualization has “flattened” the data center to treat computing resources as capacity there are still areas where business processes start and stop at the walls of the business unit such as IT.

Companies are interested in the on-boarding process as this is the first business process many new employees encounter, still the least mature and  very people intensive.  Employees require access to facilities and content management systems. The more these systems are accessed by employee owned devices the more productive they will be leveraging their own understanding of the technology. One example is the area of on-boarding applications developers that I touched on in Encouraging Developer Productivity While Protecting Intellectual Property. As more and more organizations move toward development of their own marketable applications this process will become more critical with the ability to reduce the time to market. BYOD is highlighting the fact that technology cannot be used to paint all users with the same brush as it pertains to their needs.

With End User Computing it is the exceptions and not the rule where organizations have the most challenge. As a business process, business leaders and IT need to identify the needs of the user ie: the end node whether it is desktop, laptops, tablets phones etc. Identify a strategy that will not only allow for the rapid integration of these users but one that will cross multiple business units.  While many solutions focus on integration of the device in reality it is the user personalization, applications and data that need to be managed as a whole within the enterprise. It also allows the enterprise to ensure focus is not on the technology driven by a specific vendor but the content associated with the user. Managing the device does not address many of the issues associated with BYOD in the enterprise or its associated business processes.


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Reports: Facebook Is Buying Social Mapping/Traffic App Waze For Up To $1B To Court Mobile Users

Smart move by Facebook! Great app!

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MadeiraCloud nets $1.5M to paint a pretty picture of your Amazon cloud


MadeiraCloud, a startup in the crowded field of Amazon(s amzn) Web Services monitoring and management services, snagged $1.5 million in Series A funding from Sequoia Capital.

The company provides a graphical visualization of the architecture and resources used by a given application, not just a spreadsheet-like list of all the AWS instances on one page and all the databases on another, said CEO Daniel O’Prey via email. MadeiraCloud got its start in Beijing and now has an office in San Francisco.

That funding comes atop about $160,000 in seed funding, and will be used to beef up the development team and to market the product. The 11-person shop has done no marketing to date.

There are a raft of companies that provide AWS monitoring and management capabilities, but O’Prey said Madeira’s simple, self-service interface probably competes most directly with the AWS Console itself. Longer term, he sees MadeiraCloud taking on companies…

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Heck yeah! Facebook’s Open Compute Project is making an open source switch


The Open Compute Project, which Facebook launched a little more than two years ago, has decided that utterly disrupting the server and storage market isn’t enough. On Wednesday, it said it would solicit input on an open source top-of-rack switch.

The project, in a presentation by Frank Frankovsy at Interop, said it was taking a slightly different tack with its design, deciding to get input from others before actually making and releasing the hardware to the community. However, just because the hardware isn’t designed yet, Facebook isn’t going to twiddle its thumbs for a traditional multi-year design cycle. Frankovsky told me in an interview that he expects the hardware to b out in 9 to 12 months.

“We have built these islands of openness in the data center but the last element, and the one that was connecting the compute and storage, was the network,” said Frankovsky. “And there is…

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Open Compute Project To Develop A Network Switch, A First-Of-Its-Kind Open Source Project

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The commoditization of operating systems continues with Windows Blue

Commodization is a great word to use to describe what is going on with the operating system.

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How EMC’s CTO is trying to keep EMC, VMware and Pivotal orbiting the same sun


If you’re confused about all the action with EMC, VMware and Pivotal over the past several months, you’re not alone. CEOs have traded places, joint ventures have been struck, product lines have been sold and GE even came on board. And that’s before you even start talking about all the new technology.

I sat down with EMC SVP and CTO John Roese on Tuesday at the company’s annual EMC World conference to find out what’s up. Here’s what he had to say.

On three companies under one roof

While they’re technically three separate companies, EMC is really in control. It’s the majority shareholder in VMware and owns more than 60 percent of Pivotal, its new joint venture with VMware that includes the Greenplum, Pivotal LabsSpringSource, Cloud Foundry and Cetas business lines. When it comes to everyone working toward a common goal, Roese said, “The…

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Here’s technology from Africa that ensures the cloud works when your connection doesn’t

Definitely a need for remote branch office locations.

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