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Until the 1990s, companies didn’t have “business models”

Amazing how buzz words can go mainstream. Advertisements

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BuyReply Raises $1 Million From Peter Thiel’s Valar Ventures & Others For An SMS, Email & Twitter-Based E-Commerce Solution

This is pretty slick considering how it integrates social media platforms like twitter into the e-commerce model.  

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Bestselling business books—the only place Atari and Circuit City are held up as model companies

Some valid points!

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Education and Business Disconnect With BYOD for Those With Learning Disabilities

As millennials start to enter the workforce, businesses need to understand those with Learning Disabilities need the tools appropriate to their needs to be productive.  Many adults that have learning disabilities are undiagnosed. BYOD is an assistive technology for many … Continue reading

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Enterprise App Stores..CMO Not Included

Enterprise App Stores just by the nature of calling it a store means there is selling involved. The success of these ventures within the enterprise requires involvement of the CMO. I can’t think of any better corporate initiative for CIO … Continue reading

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BYOD Onboarding Is the New Business “Trigger” For Initiating Productivity

On-boarding and off-boarding are still a manual process in many organizations and is one of the greatest barriers to productivity for many BYOD users and business. Automating business processes using BYOD as a new business “trigger” or event, employers will … Continue reading

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Interesting take on consumerism in the enterprise and where it is going.  

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