First Dell, now BMC: Which legacy IT company will go private next?


With BMC(s bmc) being taken private by a pair of private equity firms in a deal worth $6.9 billion or $46.25 per share in cash, one has to wonder what legacy IT vendor will be next to take this route.

Dell(s dell) blazed the trail in February when it announced plans to take itself off the public market. That move, valued at $24.5 billion, was orchestrated by founder and CEO Michael Dell and Silver Lake Partners. Critics said the price undervalued the company which remains a power in PCs and servers, and is navigating a shift into cloud computing. In the mobile space, Alltel was ahead of the trend, taking itself private in 2007, and was  scooped up by Verizon(s vz) two years later for $5.9 billion.

Citing unnamed sources, Reuters first reported Sunday that a BMC take-out by an investment group comprising Bain Capital and…

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50 Best Websites 2013

Some interesting sites I have never seen before that deserve to be checked out. Glad to see Quartz on the list.

Some interesting sites I have never seen before that deserve to be checked out. Glad to see Quartz on the list.

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Mobile PC Market To More Than Double On Demand For Tablets And Touch PCs, According To Report

The PC is not dead it is just a transition to another form factor of computing.


The mobile PC market isn’t doing great, but that’s only if you look at it independently of tablet device sales. NPD DisplaySearch now says that over the next five years, however, the mobile PC market will more than double, growing from 367.6 million units in 2012 to 762.7 million by 2017.

The growth is being driven by a sea change in PC computing, as tablet PCs continually replace your standard notebook form factors, and touch gets built in to more and more laptop devices. Almost every manufacturer now has at least one touch-capable model, which is actually required for Windows 8 certification, and which helps explain ambitious devices like the Asus Aspire R7.

In the near-term, NPD DisplaySearch expects tablet shipments to rise 67 percent year-over-year in 2013, reaching 256.5 million on their own. Notebook shipments are expected to slow in general, down to 183.3 million in 2017, from 203.3…

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API-crazy Amazon adds a new tool to boost support for enterprise AWS customers


Continuing its quest to make its public cloud services more attractive to enterprise users, API-enamored Amazon has added another interface to the mix. Businesses that pay for AWS support can use the new Support API to tailor their support cases and automate how they are handled.

According to an Amazon Web Services blog post Thursday:

“If you are signed up for the Business or Enterprise level of AWS Support, you can use this API to create new support cases, check on the status of open cases, and resolve cases. You can also add and retrieve information for existing cases. The AWS Support API also gives you access to best practices recommendations generated by the AWS Trusted Advisor. You can get the list of checks, access the latest results, and re-run the checks to refresh the results. This has been a much requested feature for customers who wish to integrate support case…

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Citrix Launches Podio Chat To Bring Instant Messages, Video And Audio Chat To Its Social Business Platform


Citrix today added a new real-time chat feature to its Podio social business platform that allows users to discuss projects, tasks, documents and other items by using standard instant messages, as well as audio and video chats. Citrix argues that this makes Podio, which was already being used by over 200,000 companies at the end of last year, “the first collaboration service of its kind to provide IM and video chat “in context.”

While Podio, which Citrix acquired last year, is quite a fully featured business platform and already included a number of real-time features, including real-time comments, the new chat feature allows for one-on-one and group chats. It features all of the usual chat features you’ve likely seen on Yammer or tools like Convo, including the ability to like comments.

Citrix notes that Podio Chat is unique in its ability to bring text, audio and video…

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Microsoft releases WebMatrix 3

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PayPal Adds Mobile Support To Facebook Connect-Like Commerce Identity Login Technology


Back in 2011, PayPal debuted PayPal Access, a payments identity technology that would allow you to carry your payments identity to various retailers on the web. It’s essentially a cross between Amazon’s payments platform and Facebook Connect. Today, the payments giant is announcing a new name for the product, Log In With PayPal, and adding a number of new features including mobile support.

With Log In With PayPal, instead of signing up with a specific retailer’s credentials on a site, you would sign up with your PayPal account which would include all of your financial, shipping and billing information, as well as your purchase history. PayPal says having an identity that ties with commerce (as opposed to social with Facebook Connect) makes sense for retailers and shoppers. Currently, thousands of retailers are using the log in system, as well as social login providers Gigya and Janrain.

Now developers and merchants…

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