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New Opportunities

Currently looking for new opportunities and would appreciate assistance on roles where my skills and background would be a fit in the areas of: BYOD, Cloud, Virtualization, DataCenter, Mobility, Automation. LinkedIn: Advertisements

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Samsung To Open Retail Boutiques In 1,400 Best Buy Stores

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Cisco’s Lew Tucker On The Internet Of Everything And The Tie To An App-Centric World

There is a direct relationship between applications and infrastructure that cannot be ignored otherwise it will not scale.

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Weightless finalizes its white spaces networking standard for the internet of things

Originally posted on Gigaom:
The Weightless Special Interest Group has put the finishing touches on its wireless radio standard for that uses white spaces spectrum to glue together the internet of things. The SIG finalized the 600-page set of specifications…

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Leveraging the local GPU is a plus for any solution.

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Education and Business Disconnect With BYOD for Those With Learning Disabilities

As millennials start to enter the workforce, businesses need to understand those with Learning Disabilities need the tools appropriate to their needs to be productive.  Many adults that have learning disabilities are undiagnosed. BYOD is an assistive technology for many … Continue reading

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The secret to creating a global, virtual workplace that’s still productive

This is an interesting article as it highlights what needs to be put in place to ensure productivity in a virtual workplace.

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