Citrix Launches Podio Chat To Bring Instant Messages, Video And Audio Chat To Its Social Business Platform


Citrix today added a new real-time chat feature to its Podio social business platform that allows users to discuss projects, tasks, documents and other items by using standard instant messages, as well as audio and video chats. Citrix argues that this makes Podio, which was already being used by over 200,000 companies at the end of last year, “the first collaboration service of its kind to provide IM and video chat “in context.”

While Podio, which Citrix acquired last year, is quite a fully featured business platform and already included a number of real-time features, including real-time comments, the new chat feature allows for one-on-one and group chats. It features all of the usual chat features you’ve likely seen on Yammer or tools like Convo, including the ability to like comments.

Citrix notes that Podio Chat is unique in its ability to bring text, audio and video…

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