Rackspace to telcos: build your OpenStack cloud on us


Rackspace(s rax) fancies itself as the OpenStack supplier to the stars. The company says it will provide telcos and other service providers with OpenStack technology that will enable them to compete better with Amazon(s amzn) Web Services — although you could argue it is arming other large companies to compete with its own OpenStack offerings. This announcement is no doubt just the start of a flurry of press releases timed for this week’s OpenStack Summit in Portland.

Rackspace_Logo_08_07_2012[2]Big IT vendors, telcos and hosting companies have watched Amazon’s growing dominance in public cloud computing with concern and that’s why many of them — AT&T(s T), IBM(s ibm), HP(s hpq) and Red Hat(s rhat), soon to be joined by Ericsson and Juniper(s jnpr)Networks et al. — have glommed onto OpenStack, as an open-source cloud underpinning to jump-start their efforts. Now, Rackspace says it can give them an even better head-start, sharing all its…

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