AppMesh says its mobile apps will help salespeople get out in front of email and deals

Sales productivity is always a bonus especially if you can consolidate the tools into one interface to achieve productivity. Most sales reps are mobile so this app would resonate with many.


San Francisco startup AppMesh is emerging from stealth mode with iPad(s aapl) and iPhone apps that bring together and optimize salespeople’s inboxes, calendars and ongoing deal data sets. With the apps, getting lost in email and manually updating the sales process are things of the past, the company vows.

Co-founders Leo Tenenblat and Tom Tobin both worked in product management on analytics at Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) giant crm), where they saw the value of pushing out clear information to salespeople’s mobile devices.

With AppMesh, updates sync quickly between the iPad app and iPhone app. And if an app goes offline, it will sync and replicate to the Amazon (s amzn) Web Services public cloud once it goes back online. Users can export Salesforce data to the apps, although importing back to Salesforce is not currently possible. Android versions are planned. The apps automatically take note of salespeople’s emails and phone…

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