Exclusive: Happtique releases standards for ‘seal of approval’ for mobile health


With an estimated 40,000 mobile health apps (PDF) available for doctors, consumers and others in healthcare, it can be hard to separate quality apps from, well, crap.  A November report from the New England Center for Investigative Reporting highlighted the number of apps that over promise and under deliver. And while more doctors are using apps to monitor patients or check information, there are still valid concerns about reliability, privacy and security.

To help give hospitals and health care providers more clarity around the good, bad and ugly in mobile health apps, New York-based Happtique has been working on a certification program for mobile apps and on Wednesday plans to release its final set of standards.

“One of the things I hear all the time when I’m dealing with providers and institutions is ‘hey, there are so many apps out there, how do we know which ones have…

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