Enterprise App Stores..CMO Not Included

Enterprise App Stores just by the nature of calling it a store means there is selling involved. The success of these ventures within the enterprise requires involvement of the CMO. I can’t think of any better corporate initiative for CIO and CMO alignment than the topic of BYOD and Enterprise App Stores. The interesting aspect of the report: Gartner Says That by 2017, 25 Percent of Enterprises Will Have an Enterprise App Store the subject of the shopkeeper is ignored.

Enterprise App Store are viewed as an IT function but the reality is CMO involvement is required for success. Whether it is CMO or CIO lead is another subject but a lack of involvement isolates IT from the business. Customers are customers and the CMO understands the company and the target audience for emerging markets. There is a direct relationship between emerging markets and the internal business applications and processes. Applications are technology enablers for driving business. CMO’s have gone through the process of building corporate brands and these should not just be customer facing. Building an internal corporate brand will be essential to the success of any enterprise app store.

Many of the skills of building and productizing services as part of a catalogue are subjects that CMO’s have experience. They have already done this from brick to mortar to e-commerce for external customers. Enterprise App Stores are just continuing this trend and technology and services are the vehicle for this. An Enterprise App store has one shot to get this right and CMO involvement will help with the necessary market research required to target an internal audience. One thing CMO’s understand is if you don’t get it right the first time there might not be a second kick at the can.


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