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In A Connected World, A Corporate BYOD Strategy Eliminates The USB Drive

The USB flash drive is the splinter in the hands of many corporations. A USB drive is used by end users to bridge a gap in the mobility of data. Bridging that gap without impeding productivity is possible with the correct alignment of corporate … Continue reading

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Encouraging Developer Productivity While Protecting Intellectual Property With BYOD.

Ruby, PaaS and virtualization, developers have expanded options using MacBook Pro’s and iMac’s to do their mobile and cloud application development. BYOD in the workplace has allowed developers to bring their own toolkit to the office. This is a change … Continue reading

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BYOD: The Re-emergence Of The “Business System and Rebranding IT”

BYOD highlights a subject area where business and IT have different perspectives. Today a search and replace been done and the “B” in Business was replaced with the “I” in Information. The emphasis within corporate IT on information and not … Continue reading

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Cloud, Mobility And Apps Are Redefining Corporate Authentication In 2013 Not Microsoft.

BYOD also means Choose Your Own Authentication Service. Applications within App stores are not focused on integration with Active Directory Services(ADS) but cloud services like Google, FaceBook and When buying an application, business consumers are not placing a high … Continue reading

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