No BYOD Button! CapEx/OPEx and ROI Calculators Causing Decision Paralysis In The Enterprise

CapEx/OPEx and ROI is front and center for any solution involving computing in todays corporate infrastructure. Almost every vendor has a calculator of some sort whether it is for VDI, storage, servers networking etc. to help customers specifically IT build a business case for implementation. IT needs to move away from the cost savings metrics of technology and demonstrate its ability to improve an organizations ability to compete and grow!

BYOD is driving something that indirectly many CTO’s have been trying to address which is tool consolidation. Why use a different tool at work and another one at home? Most CapEx/OpEx and ROI calculators also don’t include user satisfaction or frustration as a variable. Hmm wonder why! CapEx/OpEx and ROI has become the de-facto standard used in corporate IT to measure success but business users have a different measurement which is the act of doing! Lets bring that thing in business called measuring productivity back!

The challenge is these calculators are built to reduce IT spending not increase business or user productivity. If there is one that shows how a business can generate more revenue I am definitely interested in seeing it as I am still looking! The issue is productivity for the business of a whole has been lost in these eye candy spreadsheets!


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Application/Technology Sales Engineer: BYOD,Cloud,Virtualization,Application Transformation,Mobility,Process,and Automation. Currently looking for new opportunities. Linkedin: Twitter: donjduncan
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