Business Tired Of Being Painted With The Same Technology Brush!

The corporate standard for computing is now becoming a business versus an IT driven standard but someone forgot to tell IT!  For its 2013 predictions, IDC anticipates by 2016 80% of IT investments will involve business executives.  The argument for IT standards with BYOD is like trying to tell the bus to stop when you are lying underneath it. Business went outside to build their e-commerce sites from brick to mortar and they are doing it again by purchasing their applications outside of IT!

BYOD standards have been in place with contract employees since the dawn of personal computing. The primary reason was that contract employees could be more productive in a short period to carry out specific tasks. The only on boarding they needed was knowing how to find the washroom. The new full-time employees however go through a ramping up process of familiarizing themselves with the corporate windows desktop using a locked down desktop or a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure before productivity starts!

The irony about having a standard corporate Windows desktop is that while it provides conformity in the organization it takes away competitive differentiation. If both you and your competitor are producing using the same technology this makes it difficult for your organization to innovate. IT has forgotten the key business value of technology is competitive differentiation but in an age of smaller budgets and capital expenditures this ideal was lost. IT has to stop painting business with the same technology brush!

The business user does not have split personalities but this is the approach corporate IT takes. End users want to use the same tools at home and at work. With the Steve Ballmer statement “Enterprise IT departments are tasked with deploying technology that drives the business strategy forward. They decide what solutions will make employees more productive, collaborative and satisfied.”  he forgot the corporate executive at the Apple Store at 6:00pm with his family!


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