Cut The Cord In Your BYOD Strategy

BYOD policies like any business rules should change and evolve over time. Computing policies have always existed however they dealt with the assumption:

1.) that the device is a corporate asset

2.) it is always connected in some way.

The challenge with BYOD is ensuring the compliance, regulatory and security requirements of the organization are in place without sacrificing the principle of BYOD which was to empower the end user to be productive.

I enjoy my career as I get to work with customers and learn from them in many instances. During a conversation with a customer on their requirements it was they who brought to my attention that they had to go back to the drawing board on how they looked at BYOD. Initially, the thought was to use a cloud infrastructure to keep all corporate assets in the datacenter. This was great until they validated the policy against the business use cases. Most of the users were remote and did not have internet 7/24. Corporate mobile users frequently traveled to locations where internet access was unpredictable. Trying to download an e-book while in remote locations can be challenging at times due to poor internet access so try extending that to a tethered corporate desktop in the cloud.

This realization caused them to revisit their requirements by leveraging the ability of the cloud but also the horsepower of the local device when disconnected. Also, they needed to expand their vision of BYOD beyond the physical devices to include all aspects of the user experience. Being able to secure and manage the applications, content and profiles not just in the datacenter but also at the remote device was not just a technology but a business need.

While VDI is a powerful technology it is not a silver bullet. Multiple technologies from the datacenter to the end device will be required to create a strategy that encompasses security, disaster recovery, and compliance for on-line and offline users. A comprehensive BYOD strategy should incorporate all aspects of the enterprise from cloud, virtualization, desktop computing and the network in a secure fashion.


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